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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

the boys after our last game

We were shattered – not much of a surprise there

Several options were available to us:
1) drink alcohol
2) keep singing
3) go mental

we did all of them a lot!

When we pieced ourselves together we led a charge to our favourite Bar Gusto (from last time in Kaiser)

This involved marching and singing from the stadium to the bar – about a 40 min (3km) journey thru the main street of town and throngs of bystanders – our group of 8 was joined by many onlookers…

See video / audio below

We sang Australia! Lalalalalala at the top of our lungs ….
Most of us two days on still no longer have a larynx!

police had to rescue the slightly deflated roo - we needed similar treatment!

crez's breakdance attempt to get over depression?

Enjoy our tribute to Men from Down Under

Till next time

Enjoy the pics of Boys on the Hill during our finest hour!

the boys march thru k-town

we now have action

the italia match

Feeling confident of a victory
As the fans we had done everything we could to will the boys onto victory!

During the Game - We never stopped singing never stopped willing the lads onto win

Their captain, Mark Viduka, paid special tribute to the Australian fans. "They were just awesome. It was like having another player on the pitch."

Sunday, June 25, 2006

we was there

wish you had one of these?

how good was that?

Friday, June 23, 2006

your shirt is a table cloth

red and white - going home tonight

train ride home - made some friends....

red and white - going home tonight

train ride home - made some friends....

party time in stadium

after the game - mental

moore penalty - part 3 (the aftermath)

part 3 bedlam

moore penalty - part 2 (the aftermath)

second part - went mental lost video on original

moore penalty

croatia game

obviously we got the result

we now move onto securing second round tickst for half the boys

in the mean time enjoy a few videos

Monday, June 19, 2006

Brazil v Australia

a few random photos prior to kick off

for loads more photos from the day (incl the match) ... check out:

Brazil photos

BTW don't need to log-in just click the foto

pre-game land down under

brazil wants to know us...

loving the boys on the hill

australia v brazil pre-game

a meeting of the nations

The shenanigans you get up to between matches.....

Some people go for that cultural let’s see sights and all that.

Not so for the boys on the hill

Let’s say it involved consuming masses of alcohol – do that guy!

Smash that guy!

After the first Australian victory we found ourselves in the same bar for close to 24 hours and about 2000 euros later… we all had a free bitburger t-shirts … do that guy!

After several days of drinking levels never know to man - it started to take it’s toll in the forms of unknown bowel movements, gastro, numbness of the face, jumping off bridges!

All in all I think one thing can be agreed upon – there are a lot of European wiiirrddds! Here is a selection of the biggest we have come across.

we've crossed paths with a few brazilians during the week

you don't always need to samba half-naked

the jump

finally he does it...

fortunately walking or climging away

munich - beach bar - bridge jump

tim slowly loosing the plot - needing to get away from the other boys!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the night after the game

we met a few germans - who proceeded to buy us 3 x 5L towers!

we were asked to leave about 10 mins later to another room...

the japan crowd

words not needed!

The Japan Match

The anthems - nerves kicking in - not just of the players...

Who's your father referee?

Never had one....

Aloisi - so close

the dream - seemed dead right now!

the cameras had been put away by now!

(too tense)

we got the result

On top of brazil

a meeting of the police - would this be a sign of what was ahead?

In Germany Kaiser - pre-match scenes

few pre-match beers to settle the nerves

a meeting of the nations ...

we're here - eventually!